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"With the amount of quality and attention that goes IN the bottle, we wanted the outside of our bottles to reflect the same level of depth and detail.  Creatively, it's our mission to link up with mixed-medium artists to commision the face of our labels, transforming a standard bottle into a handcrafted piece of art - one that connects back to the origin story of the wine.  Although some may see wine as one dimensional, it's our aim celebrate all of wine’s multifaceted art forms - in it’s fullest spectrum." 
                    - John Wilson, Partner & Purveyor @SpectraVino

Bryan Valenzuela 
Artist, Writer, Composer
 IG: @bvalstudio



"The concept of wine as muse has been around for as long as humans have been making either art or alcohol. I wanted to use this as the inspiration for a visual label that reflected certain hidden sentiments that could only be discovered by the act of imbibing."
- Bryan Valenzuela


Marion Michele

Photographer, Environmentalist,
Hunter of So-Cal Pastels



Instagram: @MarionMichele


 "I never intended to be known for my pastel photos. When I first got my camera, the only time I could take photos was at sunrise—before the start of a busy work day. I remember the morning vividly; a surfer was heading into the water and I sneakily took his photo. Editing my “sunrise surfer” towards pastel tones was a happy mistake, one that I fell in love with. The pastel tones reminded me to keep having fun and to allow yourself to create differently."


"My passion for pastels fuses perfectly with my love of rosé and this elegant rosé of pinot noir. The photo series are all taken in my hometown of Hermosa Beach, California, so this wine is close to my heart. With each sip, I hope to send all the pastel vibes your way to enjoy this summer. Cheers!"


- Marion Michele



Ted Hesser

Photographer, Rock Climber, Off-Grid Solar Entrepreneur


Instagram: @tedhesser

"As a rock climber, I am deeply drawn to the magic of Yosemite. Soaring granite walls, each with their own improbable lines of ascent, encircle the valley, creating a natural cathedral beyond the imagination of even the greatest architects."

"As a photographer, I’m always on the hunt for unique conditions and light. A winter's storm seemed an ideal time. With fog in a Dionysian dance, shrouding the mountains and diffusing the light. A waterfall takes center stage while a choreography of light unfolds. Crisp air bites exposed skin. Shutters click."   
- Ted Hesser